Outstanding Vertical Garden To Green Your House 18
Outstanding Vertical Garden To Green Your House 18

30+ Outstanding Vertical Garden To Green Your House

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Wanting to grow your own fruits and vegetables, but don’t have much space? If the fruits and veggies you love grow on a vine, you are in luck, because you can implement a vertical garden and get all the delicious, nutritious veggies and fruits you want!

By using various structures such as cages, nets, trellises, or stakes, you can create a vertical garden for vegetables such as, but not limited to: peas, beans, squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Vine growing fruits include: raspberries, blackberries, and grapes. Keep in mind that many animals love to eat fruit, so you either have to be willing to share, or install netting to keep the birds and animals out.

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There are many species of flowers that also love to climb. Some of these include: the Chilean Bellflower; the Clematis, and there are many varieties of this flowering vine; the Jasmine, of which there are many varieties; and the Climbing Hydrangea to name just a few. With flowering vines, you must take into account the height that they can reach. A flowering vine that can grow to 30′ will not be happy on a 5′ trellis!

Not only will you save valuable horizontal space, but you can craft small, yet beautiful garden spots around your home. You can also create eye appealing boundaries between your yard and your neighbor’s, and create interesting focal points around your yard or even just your porch. Even trellises that you put up to hide the ugly area under your front porch can be used to make your home more beautiful.

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