Creative DIY Valentines Day Crafts Ideas 50
Creative DIY Valentines Day Crafts Ideas 50

20+ Creative DIY Valentines Day Crafts Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is adorned with numerous craft specialties. Handmade crafts infuse Valentine’s Day with a special color. Numerous easy-to-make craft ideas swarm the mind long before the advent of the day.

A simple and unique craft item could enrich the special bonds between two lovers. Valentine’s Day candles are a popular item in the craft bag collection. All one needs to do is melt some paraffin inside a can placed in a pan of hot water. One could then paste the melted paraffin over some construction paper cut out the shape of hearts. This could be glued to a candle and as a finishing touch a ribbon could be tied around the base of candle. A collage of special memoirs could comprise the craft theme for lovers on Valentine’s Day. It could be a collection of photographs, simple treasures like gift wrappers, old cards or any other special memory.

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Crafts for Valentine’s Day also include special wall hangings. The main features of these wall hangings are heart-shaped paper designs and images of cupid with a bow and arrow. These wall hangings could also incorporate some special personalized messages. Another creative craft item for the day is a Valentine’s Day address book. A simple address book can be enwrapped in a decorated piece of fabric cloth. The edges of this could be stitched, and a red ribbon with a few heart-shaped trinkets can be tied around it. This gives the address book a perfect Valentine’s Day touch to it.

For children, a great Valentine’s Day craft idea is the making of a Valentine’s Day heart crown. This can be easily prepared from a paper plate and construction paper. As accessories, strings of hearts and beads could be attached to it. The exquisite crown would surely excite the children with a princely and fairytale touch on Valentine’s Day.

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