Easy DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas For Your Backyard 43
Easy DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas For Your Backyard 43

20+ Easy DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas For Your Backyard

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Go out and take a walk in the park right now. Do you like the benches there? Sure, they are well planned, very robust and maybe even in a good shape. Are they comfortable enough? Are they in sunny or shady places? Large enough? Do you see where I am going to? There are many things that make a bench good or bad. It’s not just to go out and buy the first bench you see. It takes planning and evaluation.

First and foremost, you need to like how the bench looks. This is entirely personal and there is little to say here. But I recommend you check some image galleries online and see what kind of benches are available out there just so you get an idea. Then, the design of the bench must fit to some extend the design of your garden especially if you have other garden furniture.

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Of course the price also matters. If a bench is too cheap compared to others in the same class then you can be sure it isn’t that good. The low price may be due to hidden defects or just low quality materials.

On the other hand some design studios overprice their benches calling them “designer” models. Think well whether you are really getting something exceptional, and that you really need it before spending thousands on a single bench.

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