Elegant Kitchen Sign Design Ideas That You Will Fall In Love With 07
Elegant Kitchen Sign Design Ideas That You Will Fall In Love With 07

20+ Elegant Kitchen Sign Design Ideas That You Will Fall In Love With

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The kitchen is a very busy place. As the control center for creating meals for everyone in the house I have found a few well thought out signs posted about the kitchen are a great help when preparing foods.

Use a sign to help you remember what state things are in such as a clean/dirty dishwasher magnet. How many times have you either taken dirty dishes out of the dishwasher and used them or put them away thinking they were clean (ewww)? Or have you done the most frustrating and added dishes to the now clean ones in the dishwasher not knowing they had been washed recently. A dishwasher magnet is so helpful for this. The magnetic backing sticks to the dishwasher front and you turn it one way or the other after emptying or turning on so the next person who comes by knows the state of the dishware inside.

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Another helpful sign for use in the kitchen is a quick guide to cooking measurements. This is such a fabulous tool for people who cook a lot. It also makes a great gift. Not all recipes are created equal and sometimes it seems that recipe authors can take the long way when a shortcut is available. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referred to my cooking measurements sign when I need to know if it is true that 4 tablespoons equal a quarter cup an so on. Maybe you don’t have a tablespoon measure or your 1 cup measuring cup has already been used and instead of rewashing it you would like to just use your remaining measuring cups or even spoons and move on. An equivalent measurement sign hanging on your refrigerator can quickly clear that up.

And yet another helpful sign FOR YOUR BENEFIT in the kitchen is a nice reminder for others using the same kitchen to clean up after themselves. A visual reminder can help spark the memory of those who are usually a bit forgetful about cleaning up after themselves. Make it lovely too. Some nice flowers or a cup of tea setting can soften the blow of “Clean Up After Yourself!”.

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