Beautiful Summer Garden Decor Ideas For Your Kids 21
Beautiful Summer Garden Decor Ideas For Your Kids 21

20+ Beautiful Summer Garden Decor Ideas For Your Kids

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Our first garden decoration was given to us by a neighbor, it was a colorful spinner. It was very pretty and we put it in the back yard near the arborvitaes and flowers along the back fence. When we looked out our dining room or kitchen window we could see the colorful spinner and we left it through out the spring, summer winter and fall. We enjoyed looking at it whenever we looked out our window especially in the fall when everything else had turned brown and there wasn’t much color. In the winter when the snow covered the ground we could still see our spinner with its pretty colors spinning in the breeze. It was a simple thing that we got to enjoy and it would remind me of our wonderful neighbor who gave it us. Garden decorating should be fun easy and require very little planning. Now for those who like to plan things out there is nothing wrong with that. I prefer the simpler approach which is when I see something pretty that I think would look good in the garden I get it and put it in the garden so that I can enjoy it. Your garden should be a place to enjoy and have fun working with your plants.

Wind chimes are nice addition to any garden and they make a pretty sound whenever there is a gentle breeze. They come in different sizes and shapes and they can be hung from a plant pole or a porch. With the birds singing and the wind chimes playing it’s a lovely way to relax in the garden.

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Other lovely additions for your garden are animal figurines they look lifelike and they won’t eat you flowers. There are bunnies, turtles, squirrels and others. As the little flowers you planted get bigger it’s easy to move the small figurines so that they won’t be hidden.

Garden flags are great for a front garden. They are pretty and easy to change. They are decorated with flowers, birds, trees and many more designs. There are flags for each of the four season’s winter spring summer and fall. They are not expensive so spruce up your garden and the front of your house with a garden flag. They are something you can enjoy as well as the people who walk by your house. We enjoy our flags and we like to see what other people have put in their garden.

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