Classy Mid Century Living Room Design Ideas 53
Classy Mid Century Living Room Design Ideas 53

30+ Classy Mid Century Living Room Design Ideas

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Mid Century Homes are made with designs which have been influenced by several art and architecture movements which were there during the fifties and the sixties and are one of the most popular designs for people who want large spacious homes that are a little away from the main city. These are homes with large windows and characteristic looks which give them a special chic and high design look that is not possible elsewhere. Coming with large and airy interiors, homes made with this style is in great demand and is ideal for small families either as their permanent home or as their temporary gets away depending on where their home is. In fact if you are looking to find such a house for yourself to buy, then you will actually find it pretty hard to locate a home that is of this kind.

As said earlier Mid Century Homes have their distinct design and they actually are influenced by certain specific schools of architecture. The most primary of the influences is the Bauhaus style that predominates in most such homes. Recently people, who are building such houses, experiment with the classic retro look giving them a totally different spin. The classic Bauhaus style however involves the use of a large amount of metals even in the furniture and the fixtures that are there in the house. Spaciousness is probably one of the major aspects of this kind of home. They usually have living rooms which are pretty big and multiple bed rooms which make such homes usually a sprawling complex of usually around 3000 sq feet.

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Mid Century Homes have the characteristic nature of having floor to ceiling windows more often that not as this is what their main attraction is. Such is the designs of these homes that they do not believe in confining the home owners to the four walls but in giving that bit of extra space that they are looking for. Furthermore, homes made in this manner also come in certain other styles which are far more indulgent than the normal and initial Bauhaus designs. These includes some classic master designs which contain right and warm colored fixtures and over all color palette which gives it a more opulent look than the others.

Mid Century Homes also come with some great designs for the outer front and the back yards which are really important especially when you are living with your family. The front patio comes with seating areas and an extended floored section that is covered with linoleum which matches the color scheme of the floors in the home. Along with that, you can also get facilities of a hot tub or even a swimming pool in some cases.

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