Inspiring Shared Kids Room Ideas For Twins 57
Inspiring Shared Kids Room Ideas For Twins 57

30+ Inspiring Shared Kids Room Ideas For Twins

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Building cabinet beds is an excellent way to create privacy in a shared room while creating a unique kids decor. If space allows, two cabinet beds can be placed in opposite corners of the room, giving each child their own “hide-out” to sleep and play in. Plans for cabinet beds are available online, but a simpler solution is to use tall bookshelves to create a “room” with the bed inside. Replace the paper backing on ready-to-assemble bookshelves with medium density fiberboard, position the shelves around the bed, and bolt the shelves together. A door or drapery can be added for extra privacy, if needed, and the shelves add much needed storage space. The interior of the bed cabinet can be painted to suit each child’s taste in kid’s decor. With the addition of a fold down, wall-mounted desk, floating shelves, wall art or wall baskets, and each cabinet can be customized for study, play, or just hanging out.

Shoji screens can also be used to define which space “belongs” to which child, without losing floor space or blocking light. Although traditional shoji screens can be difficult to find and expensive, any novice carpenter can build a sliding screen. Instead of rice paper, use canvas or cotton duck fabric if you have younger children; rice paper is too fragile to withstand abuse from curious toddlers.

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For older children and teens, you may want to consider a little different of a kids decor choice but still a favorite that requires splitting the room with tall shelves, and building a desk or table on each side of the shelves for added stability. Two desk armoires, placed back to back, with shelves on either side, will accomplish the same effect. If there is a window on only one side of the room, provide extra lighting for the opposite side of the room. Have each child choose wall art that expresses their interests and makes their space even more special!

Creating private space for each child in a shared bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. With a little imagination and common sense decorating a childs’ room and finding just the right kid’s decor wall art can be fun and easy. In no time at all, you can decorate a shared room that will keep both your children happy until they can have a room of their own.

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