Extraordinary Backyard Hammock Design Ideas 28
Extraordinary Backyard Hammock Design Ideas 28

20+ Extraordinary Backyard Hammock Design Ideas

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The hammock brings about a sense of relaxation. Lying on a hammock, can take a person away from the frustrations and stress of everyday life. Most people envision lying on a hammock on a beautiful tropical oasis. What some don’t realize is that they can get this same sense of calm and serenity with backyard hammocks. Whether the individual wants to nap, relax or curl up with a book, the gentle swaying motion of rope hammocks is guaranteed to be relaxing.

There are several types of backyard hammocks on the market. Besides the differences in materials, there are differences of use in backyard hammocks. Some are designed to hold one person, while others can be comfortable and safely hold more than one individual. The most commonly known and recognized is the cotton rope hammocks. But there are many, many other styles and selections to choose from. Each style comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Prices of backyard hammocks vary. Prices can be anywhere between $50-$300 depending on the craftsmanship, material and quality.

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Rope hammocks are popular for being affordable and classic. A rope hammock can be made from polyester, cotton or DuraCord. The bars stretch the fabric and hold the hammock open to provide balance.

DuraCord is a soft material, similar to cotton. A bonus is that it is weather-resistant, similar to polyester. This combination makes DuraCord a desired choice for many people. It is long lasting and if made with vibrant colors, the colors do not fade.

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