Fascinating Tiny House Interior Decor Ideas Using Plants 31
Fascinating Tiny House Interior Decor Ideas Using Plants 31

20+ Fascinating Tiny House Interior Decor Ideas Using Plants

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Lovely silk hanging plants are good adornment in the house to achieve a feeling of natural ambiance. Especially in city living where it is sometimes not easy to get a relaxing mood due to a very industrialized and commercialized environment. A person can find a peaceful refuge in a home that is designed with nature inspired items and decorations.

Aside from using hanging plants in achieving nature inspired ambiance, paint colors also plays an important role. The best colors to be used are warm shades of green, blue, yellow and orange. Remember that too much light color may also produce some kind of an insipid atmosphere. What needs to be achieved is a feeling of relaxation with zest, not lazy and sad. There might be a need to have a minimal use of dark shades to contrast all the light colors but refrain from using black. It is best to lean towards the shades of brown.

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Silk plants with flowers in dark shades can also be used to contrast the warm and light colors of the surrounding. And since these are flowers, you can never be wrong in colors. It is naturally accepted that flowers come in different colors so combining them all in different shades will always produce a lovely creation. Just make sure to use only the right amount. Overfilling a space with too much flower decorations will make the premise look crowded and small.

Although artificial plants are made to last for a long time, its use can be maximized if proper cleaning and maintenance is provided. They may not be living plants but should still be cared for and maintained. Dust is the number one cause of discoloration and tear on these items. The problem is feather dusters cannot reach the small spaces in between the petals and leaves that are entwined together. However, by using cotton ear buds may help in reaching those tiny spaces. It can be a lot of work especially if you have a number of silk plant arrangements in the house. But do not worry because it does not have to be done every day or even every week. Thorough cleaning of those silk hanging plants may only be done once every two months. In between, just run a light feather dusting or use a hair blower in its lowest setting to remove the dust particles.

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