Impressive Salon Room Design Ideas 51
Impressive Salon Room Design Ideas 51

20+ Impressive Salon Room Design Ideas

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Building your business is a big deal, but chances are you’ve had a good idea of what atmosphere you’d like to inspire and what clientele you’d like to target since before you opened your salon doors. With a solid, realistic vision for your business, we can build and shape your image through decor and conduct. Keep location in mind when deciding upon your target clientele. Your salon should be located nearby where your customers live and work for maximum success. Below, we will explore different potential target customer bases and ways to attract and maintain them through your salon’s identity.

In addition to the business of choosing and decorating a venue to draw in your target clientele comes choosing your staff in accordance to what will keep them coming back. Obviously, friendliness is a must. Your clients want to be surrounded by people around whom they’re comfortable. Obviously, the contractors you allow salon space should be polite, professional and friendly, but each salon niche calls for a different tone from its beauticians.

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Family Friendly–This salon is meant for the whole crew! Crew cuts, buzz cuts, bangs, gum-stuck-in-the-hair-fixes. Family Friendly beauticians should be ready for anything, good with kids and generous with lollipops. They should also understand the sometimes delicate nature of serving both children and parents. These establishments should be cheerfully colored, child-proofed and equipped with comfortable chairs and plenty of waiting room for parents.

Art Salon–Art Salon contractors should take pride in what they do. Every head is clay to be molded into glorious hair sculptures! Decor of art establishment should encourage creativity and exploration. Mismatched furniture, accent walls and can lighting are all feasible features for the art salon.

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