Lovely Car Bed Design Ideas That Every Kids Must See 39
Lovely Car Bed Design Ideas That Every Kids Must See 39

20+ Lovely Car Bed Design Ideas That Every Kids Must See

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Before you know it, your little bundle of joy will be ready for his or her very first toddler bed! Finding a toddler bed may be a bit more challenging than you thought, after all, you want your little one to be safe and comfortable in his or her new sleeping area. To make the transition easier, pick out a bed that is kid friendly and appealing to your child. Many toddlers find that the bed of their choice is a toddler car bed. These beds are low to the ground, have side rails and real looking wheels! They are great for both boys and girls, especially those who have a love for sports cars.

When choosing a toddler car bed, you want to pay close attention to the construction of the unit. Some are made from heavy duty plastic, while others are made from wood. Both are around the same price so the decision is based on preference. Also consider which type of mattress the frame will hold. Some frames will support a twin mattress and box spring, with the ability to adjust to two different levels. This means that as your toddler grows into a preschooler, you can raise the bed up a bit higher to meet his or hers needs. Other frames are designed to fit a crib mattress so that you can simply move the mattress into the bed without having to make an additional purchase. However, these beds are designed for kids 5 years old and under, while beds that can fit a twin mattress will work for kids 8 and under.

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Another feature to choosing a toddler car bed is the color and design of the bed. Designed for both boys and girls, these beds come in a wide variety of colors, including red, blue and yellow. They have realistic features, such as large, black wheels with hubcaps, headlights and taillights. Some even have a specific theme, such as those toddler beds based off the Disney Pixar Cars movie or the Daytona Car Races. Of course, you can’t forget the matching sheets that will make the car bed complete!

Choosing the right toddler bed for your child is important, so make sure your child is part of the process. The more comfortable he or she feels in the new bed, the better night’s sleep everyone will get!

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