Gorgeous Striped Ceiling Bedroom Decoration Ideas 36
Gorgeous Striped Ceiling Bedroom Decoration Ideas 36

30+ Gorgeous Striped Ceiling Bedroom Decoration Ideas

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On a trip through a rural part of Oregon, a friend and I stopped at a small motel. It looked clean and modern and since we were exhausted from hiking, we weren’t feeling picky. The only room available was on the second floor. As I climbed out of our rental car, my friend raced up the stairs, eager to shower and sleep. When I reached the bottom of the stairway, my friend walked out of the room onto the walkway. Her face was contorted with laughter. When I asked what was so funny, all I got in response was a wave of a hand, pointing back to the room.

All it took was one look to see what the laughter was about. The room was carpeted. And when I say carpeted, I’m not just talking about the floor. The walls were carpeted floor to ceiling. The front and sides of the bathroom sink was carpeted. The inside of the front can you buy zolpidem online door was carpeted. The ceiling, mercifully, was not.

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As tired as we were, we got little sleep that night. We lay in our respective beds laughing. As bad as this sounds, it was actually worse. All the carpeting – and yes, the bathroom was carpeted too, was a hideous shade of brown. Except for the inside of the door; that was laid with a different carpeting, presumably so you could find your way out in the dark. And boy, could you find your way to that door. The carpeting on the inside of the door was red paisley.

It’s safe to say that none of us would dream of decorating our own bedrooms this way. But really how restful are our bedrooms. Even if we clear out the stacks of paper or the piles of books, would our bedrooms be a haven from the craziness of the rest of our day.

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