Pretty Hanging Orchid Ideas To Decorating Your House 39
Pretty Hanging Orchid Ideas To Decorating Your House 39

20+ Pretty Hanging Orchid Ideas To Decorating Your House

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There is nothing more charming than the look of orchids hanging in your tree at your garden. The flowers that orchids give have a different effect compared to those produced by land plants. However, before you can actually enjoy the beauty of orchids, you need to go through the tedious yet rewarding effort of growing them. For beginners, here is a list of do’s and don’ts of orchid growing.

Determine the type of orchid that you would like to take care of. You can choose online or visit your local nursery to have a good look on the kinds of orchids. Collect proper information about taking care of it as well as the diseases that orchids are susceptible too to be prepared on the challenges that may come.

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When choosing an orchid to take care of, consider choosing a mature orchid already. This allows you to have a look at the flowers that it will produce long before you can have them produced in your own area. Aside from that, orchids that are already grown up are easy to take care of. They would likely to survive too if it happens that it’s your first orchid.

Prepare a pot for your orchid and make sure that it has holes. The holes will serve as the airways of your orchid roots. Do not even think of putting soil on it. There are types of orchids that can be grown with soil but most likely, depending on the type of orchid you chose, they would thrive with peat moss, fir barks, sphagnum moss, dried fern roots, perlite, rock wool, stones, lava rock, cork nuggets or coconut fiber. These are the appropriate materials for proper growth of your plant. If you want it to be hassle free, you can just walk on an orchid store and ask for a potting mix suitable for orchids.

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