Totally Inspiring Ladder Garden Ideas For Backyard 46
Totally Inspiring Ladder Garden Ideas For Backyard 46

20+ Totally Inspiring Ladder Garden Ideas For Backyard

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Old or even broken timber ladders can be put to a number of new uses around the home, shed or garden.

Among the ideas you could explore are pot plant or storage stands, climber frames, storage racks and pot plant hanger racks. If using it for a set of shelves for instance, it does not even matter if the old thing is missing a rung or two, this can either add height to one shelf or just add to the charm of the finished product.

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But before you deck your old ladder out for its new job, inspect it carefully. Repair and/or strengthen any weak or cracked areas. Smooth or cut back any dangerous edges or exposed splinters, as this is for your’s and other peoples safety.

To paint or not to paint is up to you, depending on the effect that you are trying to achieve. But bare unpainted timber will last longer if you soak or paint some form of preservative product or oil into the exposed timber, especially if it will have to survive the effects of weathering.

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