Chic Laundry Room Decor Ideas To Be Inspiration 52
Chic Laundry Room Decor Ideas To Be Inspiration 52

20+ Chic Laundry Room Decor Ideas To Be Inspiration

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Laundry Room Decorating is often put off because many people just aren’t sure what to do with this room of the house. There is no need to feel overwhelmed. Pretty much anything goes when it comes to decorating your laundry room. Here are some easy ideas to help inspire you to create a masterpiece out of your laundry room today:

A Fun and Whimsical Idea – Hang a clothes line on one wall and use clothes pins to hang some of your children’s old baby clothes from it. If you don’t have any baby clothes, pick some up a thrift shop or garage sale. As an alternative, you could hang the clothes line and use it to pin up socks that are missing their mates.

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Create a Message Center for the Family – Hang a corkboard, chalkboard, or dry erase board in the laundry room and turn it into a central location for keeping track of family activities. Post each family members schedule for the week on there or list chores that children need to do. A great way to stay organized.

Go Vintage – Old vintage metal signs are a popular choice for laundry room decorating and don’t cost a lot of money. You can find a great selection of them on eBay.

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