Brilliant DIY Shoe Storage Ideas For Best Home Organization 56
Brilliant DIY Shoe Storage Ideas For Best Home Organization 56

30+ Brilliant DIY Shoe Storage Ideas For Best Home Organization

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Storage has always been a problem since mankind first began collecting possessions. The only difference now is that our treasured possessions and homes have becomes much more hi-tech and sophisticated. Clearing out clutter is a great way to let go of the past and move forward with your life. Get a family or a friend to help as they will not have the emotional attachment to articles.

Start by having a purge of all your outdated items. Check everything you have stashed away in cupboards, wardrobes or even under the bed. When did you last use or wear them? The chances are, if the item is covered in dust and/or has not seen the light of day in a couple of years, it is never going to again. Tackling one room at a time is the best solution. It is easy to get disheartened trying to organise your whole house in full swoop and if you do you will probably find yourself moving junk from one room to another.

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Next decide what you want to achieve with the room. If you want it to double up, for example, using your spare room as an office, you will need to consider realistically how much time you use it as a bedroom and how much as an office. You can then move on to dividing up the space and allocating it according to you needs. If you can, section off each space, with a screen for instance.

In your office space create a filing system that will work in practice. For example, use attractive, labelled boxes to store documents that are not in constant use. Make good use of the walls with floor to ceiling shelving, keeping all the items that you use the least at the top and the closest shelf space for those bits and pieces you use the most. A good filing system will make sure your desk space stays clear for everyday use.

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