Casual Neutral Fall Decoration For Your Home 48
Casual Neutral Fall Decoration For Your Home 48

20+ Casual Neutral Fall Decoration For Your Home

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Fall is fast approaching (and feels like it has already arrived!), which means changing out the summery, light home d├ęcor for something a little more cozy and warm. The suggestions below have been taken from the recent releases of 2013 interior design trend predictions.

On every interior designer’s suggestion list this fall is this metal. Polished and antique brass is showing up on staircases, picture frames, tables, bookends, lighting and other accent pieces. Polished brass compliments colorful, bright interiors, and can also add a bit of glamor to rooms that utilize more neutral colors. Antique brass is great for a more settled-in look. The great thing about this material is it can be used in a variety of places in the same room. For example, having a brass bowl, picture frame, wall decoration, and end tables all in the same room would not be overwhelming.

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Emerald has been named the color of the year for 2013 by Pantone, the market leader in color and color systems. Green can be used… well, anywhere! Any item from furniture to wall decorations to carpets and rugs may be a perfect canvas for a green accent. Walls even provide a great surface for a green hue, if the rest of your room is a brighter neutral color.

Wrapped/textured furniture
For those who have never heard of wrapped furniture, it’s when fabric is used to cover a chair, table, etc., instead of paint. Linen is a very popular material to use when performing this craft. Textured furniture typically has other hardware or elements added to its surface, such as wicker, textured paint, or shaped metal accents.

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