Spooky Halloween Patio Decoration To Impress Everyone 45
Spooky Halloween Patio Decoration To Impress Everyone 45

30+ Spooky Halloween Patio Decoration To Impress Everyone

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Halloween is celebrated in the month of October. Children are excited to wear Halloween costumes and go to neighbors homes for trick or treat. They love to have a haunted house set up in their home. I am sure sharing few of my ideas with you would spice up the decoration of your patio for the Halloween celebration.

First of all get the proper lighting done. If you already have some LED serial lights, it is fine. You could wrap them in red transparent color papers which you can get from a local store. This would give a look of fear when the lights are on. Get some dry tree leaves from your garden or from the nearby park and throw them all over the surface of your patio. If you walk on it you should hear and feel as if you are entering a haunted villa. Lights could be set up in all four corners of the floor or you could hang them from the ceiling in a disorderly manner. A pumpkin carved as a face should be enough to scare anyone who turns their head towards your home during the dark night. Any standing statue with a costume like a witch would add up an extra surprise to the viewers.

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Artificial spider webs can add to the look. Proper lighting setup is required to make the shadow of the web visible even at night hours. Beware of these dry leaves you brought in to get the haunted decoration setup; there are chances of natural spider web formation if there was a garden spider in these leaves already. Whenever you remove the setup there might be real spiders hidden under the leaves. If you disturb their natural web, there are possibilities of getting bitten by one of them. Have a wonderful and safe Halloween.

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