Outstanding Gold Color Interior Design For Your Home 23
Outstanding Gold Color Interior Design For Your Home 23

20+ Outstanding Gold Color Interior Design For Your Home

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What are the best colours to use on the Gold Coast to keep our houses cool?

The Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, Australia enjoys a wonderful sub tropical climate. In Summer our scorching temperatures and humidity send most of us running for the beach or cranking that air conditioning up. However in our homes not everyone wants air conditioning. On the Gold Coast we tend to enjoy outdoor living and prefer our homes to be open plan and opened up to the outside. With that being the case most people want to know the best colours to cool their houses down.

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Different colours reflect or absorb different amounts of light. Black absorbs almost all the light that hits it whereas white absorbs almost none. The light that gets absorbed by a colour is turned into heat. So dark colours are dark because they absorb light instead of reflecting it and because light colours absorb very little light it therefore does not get converted into heat.

We can see that light colours are obviously more cooling and darker coolers are more warm but it would be pretty boring if we all just had light colours. While light colours are going to be the better choice for the Gold Coast climate it doesn’t mean we can’t use darker accent colours even if it’s just on trims.

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