Fascinating Candy Cane Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Home 44
Fascinating Candy Cane Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Home 44

30+ Fascinating Candy Cane Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Home

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One of the simplest holiday crafts that can be made and bring about so much fun is a candy cane Christmas countdown. Not only is it a simple craft to make, but it’s also an inexpensive one, too.

Start by gathering the necessary supplies, including a dowel of at least 1/2 an inch, some white craft paint (shimmer paint for added effect, if desired), some red craft paint, a paint brush or craft sponge, a terra cotta plant holder, a foam ball that fits the plant holder, a hot glue gun or craft glue, twine or seasonal-colored ribbon, scissors, construction paper, a black permanent marker and a hand-held hole puncher.

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The size of the terra cotta plant holder and the sections of dowel will depend on the number of candy canes you wish to use when counting down to Christmas, and the size of the styrofoam ball will depend on the terra cotta plant holder. Some similar crafts use as many as 25, one for each day of the month of December until Christmas day arrives, while others use only 12, one for the traditional twelve days of Christmas. Decide which is more appealing to you, and base the sizes of the plant holder and the dowels accordingly.

To allow sufficient drying time, first paint the terra cotta plant holder. Use the white or red craft paint or another color if you so choose. Then, set it aside to dry. Once it has dried, embellish the outside of the plant holder with other holiday decor if you’d like. The addition of small bows made of ribbon, jingle bells, a combination of the two, or a holiday wrapping paper collage certainly add creative touches.

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