Lovely Valentines Outdoor Decoration Ideas For Your Valentines Day 44
Lovely Valentines Outdoor Decoration Ideas For Your Valentines Day 44

20+ Lovely Valentines Outdoor Decoration Ideas For Your Valentines Day

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This is a very simple decorating idea for that garden window of yours that screams out for attention. Use a lovely resin berry wreath, accented with a stunning heart shaped ornament, and accessorize around it with other some other eye catching decor for a conversation generating Valentines Day decorating idea.

Step 1-For this project, you will need to position a large suction cup hook to the garden window determining the height that your wreath will hang from. Next, begin by wrapping multi-colored red and white satin ribbon to the top of the resin berry wreath creating a pretty bow. For this step take the silver heart shaped ornament and hang it on to the suction cup. Once your bow is secured in place, position your wreath on the suction hook with the bow at the top.

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Step 2-On the base of your garden window, set a desert serving tray (we used a brown metal one). Take a small glass cake stand (we used a pink scalloped one), and flip it over so that the stand it facing up and position it on top of your desert serving tray. This now becomes a display stand to showcase some of your favorite decorative kitchen items that you can incorporate in to your Valentine vignette display. For this project we also used a red beaded heart shaped ornament to rest on the top of the cake stand, a vintage red and white ceramic rooster, 1 strand of clear glass shaped grapes, and a small silver heart shaped ornament to set the stage at the base of the upside down cake stand.

Step 3 – When doing a grouping, it is always best to work with odd numbers. So in this case, to tie the wreath and serving tray together, a third piece was added to balance the look of the display. We used a small outdoor ceramic cranberry colored pot. Next using pink sheered wire ribbon, tie a bow around the pot and fill with 3 small artificial golden colored pears. Then, insert a decorative store bought Valentine pick. To soften the window, try adding a red fabric knit by draping it around the base of your window.

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