Creative DIY Remodeling Bathroom Project Ideas On A Budget 35
Creative DIY Remodeling Bathroom Project Ideas On A Budget 35

20+ Creative DIY Remodeling Bathroom Project Ideas On A Budget

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When people think about remodeling bathrooms, they tend to think about a big mess and the loss of use of the bathroom while the project is completed. However, it is possible to remodel your bathroom area without a big mess and without closing down the facilities during the project.

Starting out small is the best way to remodel for any project, especially if you are planning to continue using the room during the remodeling. Ways to update or remodel bathrooms can include selecting new shower curtains, painting the walls or redoing the wallpaper, changing the colors of the towels which are hanging or installing a new mirror.

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If you need to upgrade large fixtures such as the toilet or the shower doors, it is important to make sure everyone has used the facilities first and then begin your remodel. Make sure you have purchased everything you need before you begin taking things apart. There will always be a last minute run to the local hardware store for something that is missing or that gets broken during the install.

If you are planning to install a new toilet the project really is quite simple. Make sure you have a helper because the toilet is actually quite heavy. Turn off the water supply, drain as much water as you can, loosen and remove the bolts securing it to the floor and remove. Inspect the wax ring which is usually found on the floor under the toilet and install the new one.

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