Easy And Simple DIY Lighting Ideas For Bedroom Teen Girl 35
Easy And Simple DIY Lighting Ideas For Bedroom Teen Girl 35

30+ Easy And Simple DIY Lighting Ideas For Bedroom Teen Girl

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A teen’s bedroom is their sanctuary. Girl or boy, this is one place they can go to get away from the world – peer and parental pressure, school obligations, and any other activities they have going on in their lives. This haven should reflect their personalities, likes and hobbies.

While black walls are not really conducive to a healthy environment, there is no reason accessories can’t be black (or red or purple). Color is a great way for teens to express themselves. Teens are at a point where they want some responsibility for themselves, and if you allow them to participate in decorating their rooms, you will allow them to take on some of that responsibility, as well as unleashing their creativity.

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Blackout shades, blinds, and curtains – yes, it will make the room dark, but that’s the point. Teens are on a different sleep schedule than you and I. According to a recent study of 3,120 Rhode Island teenagers conducted by The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, 85 percent of teenagers were chronically sleep deprived and accumulated a minimum 10-hour sleep deficit during the week. Forty percent went to bed after 11 p.m.; 26 percent said they usually got less than 6 ½ hours sleep on school nights. Teens tend to stay up later and sleep in longer than young children and adults, although research indicates they need at least 9 hours of sleep a night. Make that sleep count, by keeping the room dark so they are not disturbed. It may, perchance, have them waking up in a good mood as well.

Teens like to hang out in their rooms with their friends. It’s their own little world; it’s a chance for them to show off their room while sharing their space with their friends. Anticipating this with some extra seating whether floor pillows or furniture, gives them an opportunity to play host. A chair in their room might also help them wind down at night by either reading or listening to music. Keep lighting soft and task orientated (reading light, desk light, etc.). Not having bright light at night, as in an overhead fixture, will also help with their circadian rhythms, which will help them fall asleep.

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