Fabulous Outdoor Design Ideas For Spring And Summer To Try 25
Fabulous Outdoor Design Ideas For Spring And Summer To Try 25

35 Fabulous Outdoor Design Ideas For Spring And Summer To Try

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With the changing of the seasons comes the budding of new life and warmer weather. This change can bring on the urge to fill your yard with new plants, structures and features. You may want to add to the existing theme, or change it completely. With these landscaping ideas for spring, you are sure to find some inspiration that will be just right for your yard.

The first thing you need to decide on is a layout. Are you happy with what you have? If you do not particularly care for the way your yard flows, then you need to sit down and think of ways in which you can make it better. You may need to incorporate some sort of patio in order to maximize outdoor living, or a garden for vegetables.

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Adding a patio is not as complicated as it sounds, you don’t have to stick by the book and poor concrete. There are many other options which work great for an outdoor seating or dining area. Chalk out a boundary and then remove whatever plants, lawn or hard scape which is in the way. Be sure to keep the plants you like for use later.

Dig up the area being careful not to damage any piping, you just want to get an even space where you can add sand, ground cover, rocks or paving stones. You can lay different layers of sand, then add stone or cement sections and another layer of sand to fill the spaces. When doing this, it is also nice to add ground cover between the stones. The ground cover looks great and provides some support to the structure with its root system. Other options would be pea gravel, decomposed granite stamped concrete and even decking.

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