Fascinating Swimming Pool Decorating Ideas For Spring 31
Fascinating Swimming Pool Decorating Ideas For Spring 31

34 Fascinating Swimming Pool Decorating Ideas For Spring

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There is any number of reasons to enhance your yard with swimming pool landscaping. You may want to make your swimming pool more private, or add to its visual appeal with borders of flowering plants, a waterfall, or a charming rock garden.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to add some swimming pool landscaping, however, the area around your swimming pool may contain large structures for which you’ll need to account in your swimming pool landscaping plan. Swimming pool landscaping is not quite the same as standard yard landscaping.

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Because your pool area probably contains lots of concrete, many swimming pool landscaping professionals recommend that you incorporate elements to “soften’ the look of your pool. Your pool will benefit from a more relaxed appeal, and as part of its new landscaping, you can add an area for pool furniture so that you and your pool’s visitors will have somewhere to sit and visit.

If privacy is your main concern in planning your swimming pool landscaping, you’ll have to consider the size of you yard in deciding which privacy materials to use. If the main gate into your pool area is close to your house, you can plant trees around the pool to screen it without making your yard seem off-limits to visitors.

One caveat, however, concerns either deciduous or fruit trees that shed blossoms in the spring or drop fruit and leaves in the fall. If you use them to create privacy, you can expect to be doing lots and lots of daily pool maintenance. You may be happier with a screen of shrubbery; privet will grow up tall enough to screen your pool, but will only need to be trimmed about twice a year to keep its shape.

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