Spectacular Canopy Beds Design Ideas For Romantic Bedroom 36
Spectacular Canopy Beds Design Ideas For Romantic Bedroom 36

50 Spectacular Canopy Beds Design Ideas For Romantic Bedroom

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Creating a romantic canopy bed does not require a professional designer. A canopy bed adds elegance, sophistication and most of all; it gives a romantic feel to your bedroom. Getting a romantic room is as easy as ABC. Create one by doing any of the following tips and tricks.

The draperies and fabrics for your canopy bed play a very important role in the design and theme that you want for your bedroom. The use of certain kind of fabric gives a romantic mood to the room. Try lace or velvet as draperies to your canopy. Your choice would depend on various factors affecting the state and condition of your location. If it’s summer season, try a light fabric, such as satin or lace. It would ventilate your bedroom while still giving the romantic ambiance in the room. On the other hand, if you are in a place with cold weather, try thick drapes or acrylic to give a warmer aura in your room. Also, determine the color of fabric to use. Red is romantic. But pastel colors may likewise be use depending on the style.

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The length of the draperies may likewise play an important role here. Try lengthy fabrics, those which will flow from the ceiling down to the floors of your bedroom. The use of double rods and double drapes will likewise give elegance to your room.

If your room does not have the polls and roof attached to your bed and you want to create a canopy bed look to add more romance in the air. Create and install a ring on both ends of the head of your bed from the ceiling. Put a long panel of fabric onto the rings and pull the fabric for create a swanky ceiling frame on your bed. Make the panels extend to the ground of your bed.

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