Genius RV Hacks Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space 45
Genius RV Hacks Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space 45

49 Genius RV Hacks Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space

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When comes to camping outdoors, much like everything else, there are always some great tips and camping hacks that can make the trip a bit easier, if not also down right more fun. We have taken the opportunity to scour the best hacks out there and have narrowed it down to a top 10 list that even David Letterman would be proud of. So, without any further ado, below you will find our best of the best for 2016.

Camping Hacks Top 10 List
As a disclaimer, we are aware that there are far more that simply 10 top ideas or hacks out there. The fact is we could list over 100 if we were so inclined, but felt that we needed to keep the list short and sweet. That said, we are open to any comments or suggestions order priligy online USA should you feel that something should have made it into our list.

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Drum Roll Please…
10. Instead of bring plates for eating, use your flying saucer instead. It works great and due to it being plastic will clean up nicely. Of course, after words you also go out and play. Better yet, you can use it as a place to set your phone or other devices in it so it won’t get wet from the bottom of the tent. Who knew there were so many uses for such a basic toy.

9. When starting a campfire, a great camping hack is to use hand sanitizer as a form of starter or lighter fluid. Typically, this is an item you would carry regardless when camping, so being able to multi- purpose is an efficient way to save space.

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