Incredible Room Divider Design Ideas You Have To Know 46
Incredible Room Divider Design Ideas You Have To Know 46

47 Incredible Room Divider Design Ideas You Have To Know

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You can find a host of options such as portraits, contemporary art, blossoms, beads, glass, landscapes and much more. If you are looking for room dividers that divide your living room from your study or office, there are folding screens that also come with a bulletin board on one side. There are also dividers that are photo dividers, where you can showcase your photos and divide your room at the same time.

Then there are showcases and bookcases which can be used as room dividers and these types of dividers offer you extra storage space. These dividers come in different sizes and styles and allow you to showcase your accessories, books, toys and some allow you to store clothing. These dividers come in glass, metal, plastic and wood.

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If you are looking for hanging dividers then curtains are a simple option and you can make really nice room dividers using curtains. You can either make these up yourself or maybe you have spare curtains you could use. All you need do is fix a curtain rod to the ceiling where you want to place your room divider and hang the curtain. When you no longer need the divider you can simply remove the curtain and rod.

On the other hand if you are on a really tight budget you can make your own screen dividers. All you need do is buy unfinished wood from a DIY shop, as they will cut the wood to specifications as well as attach the hinges for you. You can paint the frames one color and the inner section another color and you can hang portraits or photos and even painting up on the divider.

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