Innovative Space Saving Ideas For Small Apartment 40
Innovative Space Saving Ideas For Small Apartment 40

47 Innovative Space Saving Ideas For Small Apartment

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As a person living in a small home myself, I can appreciate the problems of knowing where to put what. I think the worst scenario is when you are downsizing for whatever reason and have to decide what stays and what has to go. I think, in these circumstances, space saving tips for apartment living are probably invaluable in helping you view your new, diminutive space with a more realistic outlook. You may not have proactively chosen to live in a small home but, considering the space you have – and maximizing its potential – will provide you with a home that is both cozy and attractive, and which welcomes you home at the end of every day. Apart from being easier and cheaper to run than a larger home, a small home can appear to be much more comfortable.

Using deep, rich colors on your walls, warm tones and deep upholstery into which you can be enfolded can create a comfortable niche that is often more difficult to achieve in a larger home. One thing that does detract from intimate comfort is clutter and, in a small property, it is more essential than ever to keep clutter to a minimum. Ensure you have sufficient cupboard space to hide away the everyday detritus that few of us can live without. An excellent and innovative way to hide essential paraphernalia is to invest in some reed-woven boxes that stack on top of each other. Each one has a lid so you can hide things away from view, place the lid on and know your items are on hand when you want them. Dot the reed boxes around the room and they double up as handy coffee tables for when you have visitors.

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Soft blues and green in a monochromatic color will give the impression of light open space whilst ensuring that furniture is kept to a minimum and doesn’t block pedestrian walkways will also give the impression of more space than there is. However, if I were to pick one, single influence on giving the impression of more space, it would be light – preferably natural but, if not, plenty of table lamps dotted around the apartment. Well-lit rooms always give the impression of being much larger than is really the case so, if your apartment has large windows; don’t cover them up with heavy drapes that block out the light. It would be far better to use voile curtains than heavy curtains with thick linings and, nowadays, with most apartments having double glazing to keep heat in there is less need for curtaining to be thick and heavy.

In the case of artificial lighting, you can always install recessed lighting, or track lighting to achieve more illumination in a room during the parts of the year when natural light is at a minimum. Carrying on this illusion of light, the use of sheer fabrics will also give the impression of more space. A room will look larger if you are peering at some of it through a gauzy fabric. It will also look larger if the materials you make use of are able to reflect light – materials such as glass for tables and tones that naturally reflect light. This effect can be achieved by framed mirrors hung on walls, not just to reflect your image, but in terms of accent pieces that form part of the decor and which are intended to be included as a space saving tip for apartment living. Laneway housing could be one answer to the vacancy problem.

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