Romantic Bed Canopies That Will Look Great In Your Room 42
Romantic Bed Canopies That Will Look Great In Your Room 42

50 Romantic Bed Canopies That Will Look Great in Your Room

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Your little girl would like to live like a princess. Although her dream cannot fully come true, a bed canopy princess feature can make your little lady feel like royalty.

Buying a four-poster bed for a young girl is a pricey venture. Getting creative with her room will not only save you money, but also will make her princess room one-of-a-kind. For example, you can use different kinds of rods to accent her bed. One rod can be placed above the headboard, one above the bed’s center and one more above the footboard. These three curtain rods securely attached to the ceiling will keep your bed canopy princess accent from falling on the bed.

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After you install the rods, find your favorite fabric and wrap it around each rod, creating a flow between the rods. You even can use shower curtain rods, installing them with hooks.

Another bed canopy princess option is a crown canopy, placed only at the headboard. All you need is a cornice board to be installed on the wall behind the headboard and fabric to decorate the cornice area. The fabric will fall along the wall, creating a crown canopy for your royal little lady.

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