Popular Family Room Wall Ideas To Instantly Personalize Your Space 34
Popular Family Room Wall Ideas To Instantly Personalize Your Space 34

41 Popular Family Room Wall Ideas to Instantly Personalize Your Space

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To give your living room a sumptuous image, indulge in a spot of glamour styling. The results are as relaxing as they are impressive and luxurious but, despite appearances, don’t have to cost a fortune.

Classy and chic, but never vulgar, glamour styling creates a sophisticated, comfortable living environment. To the envy of anyone with young children or boisterous pets, pale neutral and pastel shades are used exclusively on walls, floors, and upholstery, with reckless disregard for practicalities. There is a larger-than-life, film-set side to the look that favors accents of gilt and sparkling glass on furniture, soft furnishings and themed accessories, to accentuate a sense of grandeur and luxury.

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The impression of spaciousness on a broad scale is another defining feature. Within reason, you can create space by leaving out more than you put in, and by maintaining symmetry and a strict orderliness.

In glamour styling, there is a healthy cross-fertilization between styles and periods. The look borrows an overall feeling of elegance from the town house idiom, and sets it in delicate, light color schemes and clean-cut furniture arrangements gleaned from the Scandinavian style.

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