Briliant Ideas For Rv Hacks Table Remodel 37
Briliant Ideas For Rv Hacks Table Remodel 37

20+ Briliant Ideas For Rv Hacks Table Remodel

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Proper preparation for a remodel job will save you both time and money. Get a to-do-list and start writing down adjustments you will need to make. The list should include:

Designated storage areas. Attics, outside storage, garages etc. This is to decide what can go were until the work is completed. Make the working area as contractor friendly as possible. Remember, he/she is trying to keep on schedule & do it without damaging your property. You may store boxed items in the garage, large items like a kitchen table and chairs you’ll be keeping in another room or outside storage. Cleaning out the room is the first big step to getting ready. So already having a flow chart for storage is a big help.

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Have an area of communication for the contractors. It could be a box on a table (preferable near an entrance. It may the back door) that has messages or questions in it. The questions & messages you have could be on yellow index cards while the contractor’s are blue index cards. This is an easy identifier for both of you. Always check for pens and pencils, as they have a way of walking off, and instruct people to print.

Have a makeshift kitchen put in place. This could be a garage it you have enough outlets and power. If not a den or dining room may work or downstairs area. Everybody has different floor plans. For an example let’s take the garage. Hopefully if you have decided to use the garage as the kitchen you’ll not have piled it high with storage items. In this case packed items should be in outside storage or attic areas.

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