Brilliant Christmas Decoration Ideas For Small Space 37
Brilliant Christmas Decoration Ideas For Small Space 37

30+ Brilliant Christmas Decoration Ideas For Small Space

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Let us start out with one of the most traditional, Popcorn Strings. Warning; Sharp objects. Since it can be so frustrating to many, thread your needle first. You can use standard cotton thread, but I prefer invisible (plastic or nylon) thread. The sharp shell sprigs are less likely to fray or cut invisible thread. You can either wrap the bare thread around the tree (or along the area you want to decorate), or use a measuring tape to make sure you get the right measurement of string. After you have measured the right amount of threading, cut it two inches or so longer so you have enough gripping space to tie a double knot on the end, and cut the needle off and ties a double knot on that end AFTER the popcorn is strung.

Now that your string is ready, pop your popcorn. Make sure it has no butter or other flavoring to minimize the intrusion of pests. Also, make sure you nave plenty. After your popcorn has cooled, thread them on one piece at a time pushing the needle as close through the center of the popcorn as possible. Fill the string up until you get just enough string (below the needle) to cut the needle off and tie a double knot. Your popcorn string is finished and ready for display. Another popular string is the Cranberry String. Created much like the popcorn string, without the microwave or stove-top of course. Just resist temptation and make sure you do not eat the decorations.

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The next traditional item, and much fun for most children is the Paper Chain. Normally made from red and green construction paper. Cut them in long, evenly measured strips (typically one inch wide and six and one half inches long for a two inch wide chain). Loop one of one color into a circle overlapping the ends by one quarter inch and wrap the joined ends with transparent tape. Pick up a strip of the other color. Run it through the loop you just made and loop it the same way. Run another of the first color and loop it through the one you just finished. Keep going until you have the length you want or you run out of strips.

There are simple projects of Christmas Lights that can make basic Christmas displays eye catching and limit your purchase of items in a store. Wrap your own Christmas Lights around a wreath. For some of you wine drinkers, keep your empty bottles GLASS and thread short strings of lights inside them, or line up small bottles along a long string. Clump up some lights around your dishes if you are a person or family who throws parties and set a buffet. Place lights in a large dish which your punch serving bowl can fit inside and illuminate your beverage.

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