Amazing And Modern Sunroom Design Ideas 32
Amazing And Modern Sunroom Design Ideas 32

30+ Amazing And Modern Sunroom Design Ideas

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Sunrooms or solariums are a great way to make use of the natural light available in a warm, comfortable patio. Sunrooms are also an extension of the house, typically placed in a garden; bring together natural elements for a fine living space.

Remember to keep colors light in a sunroom, in order to promote an atmosphere that is relaxing, natural, and light. Use positive, light colors such as white, blue, yellow, beige, and green. Light colors will make the room seem much larger and reflect the sunlight. You can add drama and contrast through dark colors placed in small amounts such as throw pillows.

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Putting a lot of greens and plant materials in your sun room is effective in promoting a feel that is close to nature. You can use plants in decorative pots and place them in corners, keep indoor ornamental plants to decorate tables or hang plants in the wall. Organic, woody materials give for a more relaxed feeling. Feel free to experiment by painting your wood or keep them conservative by just shining them. You can use wood throughout your sunroom designs by using bamboo furniture and wicker furniture. A combination of browns and whites in the paint of wood also help achieve that relaxed effect.

You can also make very energy efficient use of your sunroom by including solar panels. Solar panels convert sunlight into energy, and can help you cut down your electricity bill especially in the summer.

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