Affordable Herb Box Decor Ideas For Your Home 44
Affordable Herb Box Decor Ideas For Your Home 44

30+ Affordable Herb Box Decor Ideas For Your Home

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Before you can determine your herb garden design, you must choose what herbs you are going to plant. The reason for this is simple. Some herbs want to be in full sun for 6-10 hours a day and others will thrive in indirect sunlight. So pick a good spot for the garden.

It is easier to add shade than it is to add sun. For example, you can place the shade preferring plants on the east side of much taller, sun-loving plants. They can be tall herbs or even sunflowers, as long as they generate some shade for the more sensitive herbs.

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Visit garden centers and learn about the needs of various herbs. Climate, soil, watering, and purpose should all be considered. Herbs are used to season foods, as medical treatments, as potpourri (dried leaves, petals, and flower heads) for both decoration and scent, and also just for yard decoration and fragrance.

Do you want the herb garden designs to stand alone in a raised bed, be integrated with your vegetable garden, be used as borders along a path, or as filler for your landscaping? Perhaps you want to fill a window box with herbs, or have a pot of them growing on your kitchen windowsill, for convenient plucking as you cook. If you live in a hot climate, you may need to do container planting, to enable you to move the pots to shady areas during the hottest part of the day. Or conversely, in cool climates, you might need to move them to get as much sun as possible.

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