Awesome Dining Room Designs Ideas In Industrial Style 14
Awesome Dining Room Designs Ideas In Industrial Style 14

30+ Awesome Dining Room Designs Ideas In Industrial Style

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Beautiful and modern dining room tables are a touch of elegance that is seen in the retro design styles of the 1950’s, 1960’s and up to the late 1990’s. These styles are popular again and the incorporation of chrome and glass has the ingenious touches of color, texture and density that give the dining room furniture elegance, style and flair.

Historically the dining tables were used as the main meeting place within a residence, even in the days of the old Royals when meeting with their knights. A favorite childhood story emphasizes the use of a round table, simply because this way there would be no “head” of the table, everyone at the table would be seen as an equal in social standing. The table itself would be dressed with custom chairs and the room decorated with other furniture that created small intimate areas. The grand dining rooms of old incorporated china cabinets, side boards, china hutches and corner hutches as additional furnishings for the room. Great dinners were hosted in these rooms that were the basis of the modern, manufacturer designs that we see today. Manufacturers copy from the historical styles and designs using modern building materials such as chrome and glass. Read on to learn how to buy beautiful and modern dining room tables.

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Elegance in the modern dining room is still a requirement of many customers when they are making the decisions of what to buy to create a dining-room theme that will be functional, beautiful and modern all at the same time. Measure the room to help you determine the size of furniture you can buy. The size of the room will determine the size of furniture you can place in the space available. It is a standard in the decorating industry that each individual seated at a table should have twenty four inches of space at that table. Allowing each individual adequate space to move as they eat only adds comfort and ease to the dining experience. When seating is an issue, open the dining room up to the adjacent room, be it a living room or kitchen and place small intimate tables up for two to four to help seat the overflow of guests.

Most dining areas will have the standard four chairs for the sides of the table and the captain’s chair for the head of the table, and a chair that is smaller, yet mimics the captain’s chair. The tables that are at the head and foot of the table are many times a custom chair. Extra seating can sometimes be made available by adding a small wall mounted bar area accompanied by tall stools that serve as extra seats.

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