Elegant Patio Ideas For Gardening Place And Recreation Area At Home 42
Elegant Patio Ideas For Gardening Place And Recreation Area At Home 42

20+ Elegant Patio Ideas For Gardening Place And Recreation Area At Home

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If you love the great outdoors, like people, and would love to work in a great environment, then parks and recreation jobs are for you! Think of all the opportunities in your city, county, and state parks, and you’ll see there are a lot of these jobs available, and many of them come up in the summertime, when many students are looking for jobs.

Think Outside the Box
Don’t think of park rangers or gardeners when you think of parks and recreation jobs, because there are so many more opportunities than those in most parks. Sure, you can lead nature hikes, or manicure garden beds, but you can also work in food concessions if your park has snack bars and such, and you can work in maintenance, security, administration, instruction (like teaching recreation classes), and in many other areas, too.

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Volunteer to Get in the Door
If you don’t have parks and recreation experience, there’s an easy way to get it so you qualify for upcoming jobs. Volunteer at a local park in an area you’re interested in learning more about. For example, if you want to be a naturalist ranger at a park, then volunteer to lead hikes, or help out the naturalist on duty. You’ll learn more about the park, but you’ll learn more about the job, too, and whether it’s really the right job for you.

Look Outside Your Area
If you really want an adventurous job, think about parks and recreation jobs outside your area. Just about every National Park in the country hires literally tons of workers every tourist season, to fill all kinds of jobs from food & beverage to housekeeping and retail. If you want the chance to work in a National Park, you can do it, and you’ll find low-cost room and board there for most employees, too. You can work for a season, or you can stay longer and turn the National Parks into your full-time, year-round career in many cases.

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