Charming Mid Century Kitchen Design Ideas For Inspiration 41
Charming Mid Century Kitchen Design Ideas For Inspiration 41

20+ Charming Mid Century Kitchen Design Ideas For Inspiration

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Also referred to as mid-century, the mid 20th century furniture period was when G-Plan was a means of furnishing a home in a regulated coordinating style, the spaghetti chair was the iconic chair that represented the mid 20th century along with the Robin Day chair, in the style used by that British interviewer and broadcaster in his television programs.

Mid-Century: the developed world was changing, and emerging from the Second World War seeking something fresh and new, not just more of the same of the post-war years up to 1950. These were years of relative austerity, particularly in the UK and Europe where much of the modern design of the era originated. This was before the Swingin’ 60s and London Rocking, when families were still coming to terms with losing their loved ones and others were still building after the horrific bombings of their cities.

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Mid 20th Century Furniture and Interior Design
In fact, for most at this time of the mid 20th century, the concept of interior design was a new one. Those who had suffered the deprivation of the 1930s and the war of the 1940s were at least 20 years old in 1954, and those that could remember the better times of the early 1930s would be around 30 years of age. This new concept was a marvelous opportunity for them to display their individuality in the furnishing and decoration of their own homes.

Not only that, but the new polymeric materials such as acrylics and advances in synthetic costume jewelry offered them the chance to own things that were unknown to their parents. Jazz was swinging, rock ‘n roll was beating out with the sounds of Bill Hailey and his Comets and the Bellboys were in full swing.

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