Outstanding Valentines Day Party Decoration Ideas 37
Outstanding Valentines Day Party Decoration Ideas 37

30+ Outstanding Valentines Day Party Decoration Ideas

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Valentine’s Day parties are becoming more popular every year, so why not have a valentine party or the kids this year. It’s a fun way to get them together in one big play date. Valentine’s Day is about showing how much you like each other and kids should have a chance to show and tell their closest friends that they like them. Throw a little party with these Valentine party ideas for kids.

This party doesn’t have to be very involved. Just have your child invite a few close friends and have fun with it. Start by making some invitations with your child. You can use any commercial Valentine’s Day cards, or even better; make some with your child. Don’t forget to add the date and time and how long you expect the party to last on your invitation. A short little two-hour party works great for Valentine’s Day.

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Next it’s time for decorations. You can get a red or pink plastic tablecloth at your local discount store. Then have your child trace heart shapes on construction paper in different shades of pink. The two of you can cut them out and scatter them over the table. You can also write each guests name on one and lay them on a paper plate as place cards.

Make some strawberry milk, or buy any red juice for a fun Valentine’s Day drink. Set out a few themed snacks, or make some cupcakes with pink frosting. Play some music your kids enjoy and they are sure to have a great time. You could also play the same types of games you do during a kid’s birthday party like musical chairs or charade.

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