Creative And Innovative Kitchen Storage Ideas In Your House 30
Creative And Innovative Kitchen Storage Ideas In Your House 30

36 Creative And Innovative Kitchen Storage Ideas In Your House

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The kitchen is probably the hardest room in the home to organize. Beyond that, keeping a kitchen free from clutter is an on-going battle for most people. If you are one of these people, you might consider some countertop kitchen storage options. After all, it seems that the items you use most accumulate on countertops anyway. Instead of constantly trying to stash these items away in drawers, a better options is to find a way to keep them organized out in the open.

When you think of items that are usually kept out on a kitchen countertop, what is your first thought? Most people readily bring to mind canisters. They are a great way to store bulky items such as flour and sugar, especially if you don’t have a pantry or another large space available. Canisters come in a range of sizes and materials to match nearly every decor, including glass, metal and plastic. To add a little visual interest, consider keeping items such as colorful pasta and beans in see-through canisters.

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Flatware caddies are another great kitchen storage item that will allow you to keep things that you use often handy. Most people store their forks, knives and spoons in a drawer, which necessitates opening and closing a drawer every time someone is going to eat something. As an alternative, consider keeping your flatware in a caddy on the tabletop. This kitchen storage idea will save you and your family considerable time and effort.

Similarly, utensil holders and condiment caddies are other kitchen storage solutions that will allow you to keep your oft-used items within easy reach. Utensil holders are commonly kept on the stove top and can be used to keep tools such as whisks and spatulas at the ready. Condiment caddies are great for parties and get-togethers and are a way to easily carry ketchup, mustard and other condiments. Although you wouldn’t want to keep these items out all of the time, you can use them in the pantry or out in the open to organize other utensils.

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