Clever Bathroom Organizing Ideas To Declutter 39
Clever Bathroom Organizing Ideas To Declutter 39

45 Clever Bathroom Organizing Ideas To Declutter

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I had a tough time organizing my bathrooms: kids, his & hers, plus where to iron?
What can you do to get more bath storage? If you have a linen closet in your bathroom, or a linen cabinet, several of your bath storage needs are already being met (at least it helps a lot).

But, what if you need other bath storage? I’ve used most of the ideas listed here, and they have really helped me de-clutter my bathrooms.

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A grooming rack holds all your grooming supplies in one place: your hair dryer, curling iron, and hairspray. It’s a great bathroom organizer for a lady on the go!

I used to stuff these items in a drawer or just left them out, but using a grooming rack has really de-cluttered my bathroom. It also gives me peace of mind because my toddler can’t reach the upper cabinet I mounted it to (it’s on the inside of the door), and burn themselves. You can also mount these types of racks behind a closet or linen door.

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