Fabulous New Years Eve Party Decoration Ideas 31
Fabulous New Years Eve Party Decoration Ideas 31

20+ Fabulous New Years Eve Party Decoration Ideas

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New Year’s Eve must be party highlight of the year; there will be dozens of birthday parties every year for friends and family, but there is only one New Year’s Eve party you can have, so make the most of it. Here’s how to hold a spectacular and glitzy New Year’s Eve party:

Gold and silver is a brilliant theme for a New Year’s Eve party. Gold and silver represent luxury and extravagance and will make all your guests feel extra special and happy they chose your party to go to this year. Use black tablecloths the cover your tables and sprinkle gold and silver confetti all over to start this theme. Tight gold and silver ribbons around the table legs and virtually anything else you can such as door handles, light fittings and bookcases.

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Make sure all your plates and cups are gold and silver or have a New Year’s Eve theme and use black plastic top hats as serving dishes and fill them with snacks, crisps and sweets. Use New Year’s Eve themed party balloons or even gold and silver ones if you can get them to add even more to your room.

How about getting some string lights or banners to drape around doorways to make your guests feel extra special as they arrive at the venue? This will make every guest feel like the guest of honour. Present your guests with party hats, party horns and poppers to get the party started and everybody will be in the mood. Of course, no party will be complete without a home-made punch, so find a recipe and make it as potent as you like (you can of course made a non-alcoholic one for other guests).

When it comes to midnight and everybody is getting even more excited, make sure you have a big clock on the wall so that everybody can count down to the New Year together. If you can get a gold or silver clock this would be an extra special touch for the evening. Whatever you do, remember to have a great time and not to take everything too seriously. Being the host is a tricky job, but everybody will be having a great time, and so should you too.

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