Gorgeous Woodworking Wall Project Ideas For Best Home Decoration 09
Gorgeous Woodworking Wall Project Ideas For Best Home Decoration 09

30+ Gorgeous Woodworking Wall Project Ideas For Best Home Decoration

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The amount of clutter in a home greatly impacts its look and feel. Keeping clutter out of sight makes a home more comfortable and inviting, but isn’t always easy in homes that are short on storage space. Clutter often collects when we do not have a designated place for everything. Give your next woodworking furniture project double duty functionality by creating furniture with built-in storage. Here are a few storage furniture project ideas for experiences woodworkers:

Ottomans: A storage ottoman can be as simple as a cube shaped box with a lid. They can be upholstered in fabric or leather, and fit seamlessly into the style of any room. Consider using storage ottomans in the living room to store video game or television remotes, board games or other living room essentials.

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Benches: A bench with built in storage can be a useful project for any room in the home. Storage benches make great toy boxes or bedroom storage for extra linens, blankets or out of season clothes. Outdoor benches also make great additions to porches or patios, and can be used to store hoses, pool toys, gardening equipment and more.

Bedside Tables: Cabinets or shelves built underneath bedside tables create convenient storage for books, medications and other bedside essentials. Shelving can even be added into existing bedside tables for a simpler project. Stain bedside tables to match other furniture in the room, or to blend in with a wall color. Another idea is to use interesting paint colors or techniques on bedside tables to add a splash of color to the bedroom.

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