Astonishing Bathroom Decorating With Neutral Colored Tiles 41
Astonishing Bathroom Decorating With Neutral Colored Tiles 41

47 Astonishing Bathroom Decorating with Neutral Colored Tiles

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When a homeowner is considering renovating their bathroom, their greatest fear is probably the notion that the renovated bathroom will soon fall out of style due to an inappropriate or overly enthusiastic color scheme applied to the finish materials, the wall paint, and the choice of fixture colors. One need only look at the leftover bathrooms from the 1970s to see outdated color schemes – wild, gaudy (almost painful to the eye) colors abound and such bathrooms quickly become the laughingstock of guests and visitors. What is the best way to avoid becoming “out of fashion” so quickly?

To put it bluntly, architectural and interior design styles will always change and there is no credible way to ensure a bathroom will persistently remain in style as the decades pass. Even the most tastefully-designed 1950s bathroom (as it may have been seen then) would be unappealing to most people today because our cultural sensibilities have changed. To add another layer of worry, there also is the phenomenon of styles goingin and out of fashion – a design scheme may prove particularly popular one decade, go out of fashion in the next, just to see a return in popularity in the third following decade.

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The homeowner is now no doubt wondering what the best means are to avoid constant renovations as styles change. Here are some tips to keep in mind that will ensure your bathroom can be easily and modestly modified to adapt to changing styles:

Simple white fixtures tend to remain in style the longest. Black, green, marbleized, mauve, and other tinted fixtures go in and out of style, but popular taste always returns most reliably to the simple elegance of white fixtures. (Has there ever been a time when white fixtures were resounding “out of fashion?”)

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